Our Philosophy

We aim to create an environment where children feel happy and secure, and are stimulated by a variety of opportunities to create, explore, imagine and investigate with positive interaction, find learning enjoyable, exciting and rewarding. We help develop children’s confidence, self-motivation and encourage children to be polite and considerate to others.

We provide opportunities for all children to reach their full potential and experience a sense of achievement from an early age. We aim to develop the children’s level of concentration and their sense of perseverance. We encourage children to interact in groups, share and take turns and develop children’s sense of appropriate behavior in various situation.

To help children become independent in dressing themselves and personal hygiene. We encourage children to be aware of and look after their environment and to understand the needs of living things. We also work in partnership with parents in the education of their children. We aim to bring children out of school sensible, happy and well-groomed.