Our Curriculam

Social studies are the core of our curriculum. BSS provides a broad curriculum where children can gain an important foundation in early language, mathematics, scientific, social, physical and creative skills (music, art and dance) and on a broader scale in the later stages. Skills are taught as children need them and are ready to learn. Reading is a vital tool for learning and is an anchor for those who become readers for pleasure. A variety of methodologies is used. We make every effort to provide a warm, caring, supportive environment where children can grow emotionally strong. Each child is unique and is assisted to develop at his/her own pace.

Equivalent Titles In Other School Systems

Children discover that they and their school have influence on’ and a responsibility to others. British Standard School believes in the child’s active participation in the work of a group, of accepting. Difficulties and predicament. Children are taught how to research, organize record and communicate. Information, as the world is a laboratory from which children can draw first hand information. Field trips are an important part to the programmed. Children relate what they are studying to the world around them. In the early years block building is used to develop children’s understanding of the world in which they live by replicating what they see and understanding.