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Education is a primary need for today’s existence. It is not a commodity only for the rich and elite but for every human being in order to survive and sustain a balance in society. School should be a happy place where children can find pleasure and success. British Standard School was established with the aim of combining ambitious academic and quality education to accomplish requirements to fit the children into a position in society and for important tasks they may be called upon to discharge in today’s competitive world. Every child has something to offer. We guide children to take a step in time at varying rates and levels to provide the opportunity for that talent to blossom and mature. Success is just as meaningful for the child who finds a subject difficult as for the one who has a natural talent for it. Yet we keep in mind the child’s individuality – the all-important concept that school-life revolves around. I welcome you to British Standard School and wish you all success in the years to come.






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Mock & Preparation Centre

Mock and Preparation Centre(MPC) has been developed and organized in BRITISH STANDARD SCHOOL. This is the first institute in Dhaka to introduce MOCK TESTS for O’ and A’ levels. MPC offers integrated programs for Pre-O’ level to A’ level students. To equip the students with the right skill sets, at MPC we aim to bring transformation and analytical, critical, and logical thinking in students. It is a well-recognized institute that prepares academically qualified students to pursue their rights careers.

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Why Parents Choose Our School and Not Others?

We pride ourselves on providing a holistic education, whereby each student is encouraged to develop her talents and achieve her full potential, while never losing sight of the core values of courtesy, respect, and concern for others as well as care for the environment we live in. Students are challenged through a wide range of activities and opportunities but above all, girls & boys are recognized and valued as individuals.

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Our school is equipped with a networked computer in every classroom, wireless laptops, as well as other cutting-edge technology.


Every child has the fundamental right to quality education – one that helps them acquire basic literacy and numeracy, enjoy learning without fear and feel valued and included, irrespective of where they come from.


Good results are based on your ability to apply what you’ve learned to new situations or to solve new kinds of problems.

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    Great Curriculum System

    BSS provides a broad curriculum where children can gain an important foundation in early language, mathematics, scientific, social, physical and creative skills (music, art and dance) and on a broader scale in the later stages. Skills are taught as children need them and are ready to learn. Reading is a vital tool for learning and is an anchor for those who become readers for pleasure. A variety of methodologies is used. We make every effort to provide a warm, caring, supportive environment where children can grow emotionally strong. Each child is unique and is assisted to develop at his/her own pace.


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    British Standard School (BSS) is education system is different than others, that’s why maximum students doing good results.
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