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Together We will:
Treat each other with respect, create a happy and secure school in which all can work together to the best of our ability.

School will:
1. Provide a safe and secure place where children can work, Learn and play.
2. Encourage children to do their best at all times.
3. Provide a broad and balanced curriculum.
4. Encourage children to care for others and for their surroundings.
5. Keep parents informed of their children’s progress.
6. Inform parents about what we intend to teach their Children.

Family will:
1. Make sure the child comes to school on time.
2. Make sure the child attends school regularly; telephone
and subsequently send a note of explanation for any absence.
3. Ensure that the child wears the school uniform
4. Encourage the child’s learning in school

Child will:
1. Be gentle, not hurt anybody
2. Be kind, not hurt other’s feelings
3. Be honest, not cover up the truth
4. Work hard, not waste time
5. Look after property, not waste or damage things
6 . Listen to people, not interrupt

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